First week back in the PNW! – VanLife Begins!

Last week I arrived back to the Pacific Northwest and I couldn’t have been more excited! As many of you know I am from California. However, prior to living on the road I resided in Washington state for 5 years and I absolutely fell in love with the place! I also consider it my home, as I have every intention on settling down here one day! If you’ve ever visited the PNW, chances are you probably feel the same way!

Anyways, let me catch you all up on how my first week back has been! I flew into Seattle last week with my youngest brother to visit our other brother who now lives in the area! It felt so good to finally be all together at once, as it has been hard for that to happen in the past couple of years due to our lives in the military and of course my choice of lifestyle, so spending good quality time with them and just being around their presence has been amazing! Last week I was also able to get back to my van, which had been stored here in the area for the last couple of months while I was in Europe. Unfortunately, when I got back to the van there was a couple issues that had come up and a couple of leaks that had emerged due to it sitting and not being started for so long, but luckily nothing that was too serious! I spent about two days getting things all fixed up and before I knew it she was running like a brand new van! Just to test out all the mechanical work that I did my brother and I decided to head on a nice road trip to the Washington coast down into the Oregon coast and back into Portland! The trip was so relaxing and I loved the fact that my younger brother was with me the whole time! Our first stop was in a small little beach town called Long Beach, Washington. It’s famous for being the “longest beach in the world”, you can literally drive along the whole 26 mile stretch! We only drove about a mile onto the sand before pulling off and taking a nice nap with the sound of the ocean in the background! Once we woke, we made our way over to the small strip in the center of town where we ate so much fudge and came across some very weird museums! After hanging out here for a bit, we drove another hour south to the beautiful Ecola State Park, which is located in Cannon Beach, Oregon. While at this park we followed a couple of amazing trails down to the water and spent a bit of time simply admiring the beauty of the coast! Once sunset got closer we made our way down to the most famous Haystack Rock, where we enjoyed some beers, a fire, and an amazing sunset, which ultimately turned into a sky illuminated by stars! When we finally ran out of wood, we made out way back to the van and found a nice little rest stop to call it a night in! The next morning we woke up for a beautiful sunrise before heading to Portland to catch up with my other brother and some friends from the military! Overall the weekend went well and my van ran amazing!

I also managed to finally get my windows tinted, as I will be back to living in it full time again next week! For many of you that follow me on my other platforms, you probably heard me say countless of times that I was going to be heading to Asia for the summer, but after this last week I have decided to stay in the PNW for the summer and enjoy all the beautiful mountain ranges that this area has to offer, while the weather is perfect! So if you love yourself some epic hikes, incredible mountains, and alpine lakes be sure to follow this blog, as I will be posting weekly blogs from all around the Vancouver B.C, Washington, and Oregon areas! Much love to you all!

One thought on “First week back in the PNW! – VanLife Begins!

  1. Check out Bend Oregon for some hikes. You also could check out Olympic National Park, where you can hike Staircase. Some really cool views.
    We went to SunRiver in Oregon last year. Cool spots to check out there too! We went in the Bat caves there.


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