How I saved 40 quid on accommodation in Manchester πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ˜³

“Manchester’s got everything besides a beach! “ – Unknown

After about a 5 1/2 hour long bus ride I finally arrived to Manchester! As soon as I stepped off the bus I realized how shitty I felt and decided to crash on a bench at the bus station for a couple more hours, but that didn’t work out as planned. After about 30 minutes I got woken up by a security guard and was asked to leave the bus station if I wasn’t planning on catching a bus. I grabbed my backpack and made my way out into this massive city. The first thing that caught my attention was the beautiful architecture and the cold ass weather! After walking down a couple streets I decided to head into a McDonalds to catch up on some sleep and charge my phone a bit. After getting a solid 2 hours in, I was ready to embrace all the Manchester has to offer. One of the amazing things about Manchester is the free admission into museums. So one of the first stops I made was to the National Football museum. I’m not too big of a fan, but let me tell you…… this museum is sick! I highly recommend checking this place out as well as the museum of Science and Industry, Imperial War museum, and the People’s History museum! There are so many more museums that I heard are amazing, but I just didn’t have enough time to see them all.

I continued to wander freely through the city and I stumbled across a food and drink festival that was being hosted at the Manchester Cathedral. I decided to hang there for a bit and grab a bite to eat. I spent the rest of the daytime exploring Chinatown and again stuffing my face.

I started getting extremely cold and the rain began to fall again so I decided to give Hostelworld a look and only two hostels showed up and both were asking for 40 GBP, which is fucking ridiculous so I didn’t do it. However I still made my way to the hostel because I figured that I would at least be able to meet some cool people and hide out for a bit. When I arrived to the hostel it was bone dry. The only person there was the girl at the desk! I was so glad that I didn’t make a reservation online! The young lady at the desk allowed me to hangout in the common room and even let me sleep for about 2 hrs! When I woke up she asked if I wanted to use a shower before I left and I Kindly excepted the offer. I ended up leaving my bag in the hostel and headed out to enjoy some of the nightlife. I don’t recall exactly where I went or what area I was in, but I believe it was the Northern Quarter. The first club I walked into was having a 90s hip hop night, so you know I was in there! After slamming about 5 jack and cokes and dancing my ass off with beautiful British women I decided to head outside to smoke a cigarette for a minute. While I was outside smoking I remember saying “Fuck its cold” out of nowhere this beautiful blonde girl turned around and said “Fuck mate, is that an American accent I just heard!” I laughed and said “Yes it is, where are you from?” She said ” That’s so fucking hot, I’m from Ireland, Dublin to be exact.” We hit off on the small talk, but I was cold and did not feel like waiting for her, so I walked my happy ass back inside and went straight back to dancing. A couple minutes later this Irish chick approaches me and asked if I would like to dance. I said sure and started killing it with her. We danced for a couple songs and then her friend came up and said that they were leaving to another club and that I should join them. So that’s what I did, I hopped into an Uber and I was on my way with them. As soon as we walked in I heard some old 50 Cent, so instantly I was turnt. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I grabbed this Irish girl and we started to dance. While we are dancing, I was singing the lyrics to the song 21 Questions by 50 Cent and this chick lost itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ She grabbed my face and just started making out with me before grabbing my hand and saying “feel how wet your making me, I’ve never had myself some Yank before”. I denied her offer and just started laughing. We danced for about 5 more minutes and out of nowhere goes “Alright we have to get the fuck out of here, I’m taking you to my room!” I said “Sweet I’m down, but what about your friend?” She said ” Fuck her she’s a grown woman and before you know it we arrived at her hotel. She asked me if I had any condoms and handed me 10 quid to cross the street and buy more 😳 When I came back we went up to her hotel room and went straight to business, after a couple minutes her friend walked in and instantly goes “Your fucking the American guy, I wanted the American guy!” 😭😭😭 My dumbass turned around and said ” You both can have me”. I had no idea what to expect when that came out, but her friend didn’t hesitate, she took off her clothes and joined. lol I couldn’t grasp all that was going on between being drunk and looking at these two blonde haired, blue eyed babes. I couldn’t believe this was actually going down. When we finished I told them that I was heading to the store to buy some water and asked if they wanted anything. The girls insisted that they come with me, but I told them to just stay in the warm room and that I would be back in no time. I checked my phone and noticed that it was 4:30 am and I had to make it back to London before my 7 pm flight. As much as I wanted to go back to that room, I knew that I would never see those girls again and I’d probably miss my flight, which I couldn’t afford to do again. So I ditched them and hopped into an Uber. I arrived back to the hostel and grabbed my bag. I made my way to the bus stop and all I could think about was what the hell just happened and how wild that night got so quickly. I arrived back to the bus station and luckily was able to hop on a bus that was leaving at 6 am back to London. When I arrived back to London I hopped I took the tube to Camden market where I knew a guy who sells pot. I bought a bag from him and smoked it before heading to the airport! That is how I saved on accommodation during my time in Manchester!

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