Auschwitz concentration camp

Definitely felt like this place deserved its own post. Words could never explain the feeling, but ill try. I could never imagine waking up one morning to someone at my door and at that moment knowing I will never see my family again. My mother, father, sisters, and brothers. Knowing that at that very moment my whole life will be changed forever. The freedom to walk down the street, the freedom to eat when I want, and the feeling of never being loved again in my life. To think this is what people went through only 70 years ago because of their religion or beliefs, many even simply because of the way they looked. The tears and the shaking I went through just walking through this gate is unexplainable, I’ve never felt this way in my life, the chills that ran down my spine and to think that I knew for a fact I’d be out of there in two hours is unreal! I’ve never broke down the way I did today. I can’t imagine how these millions of people felt….. for many these final steps walking through this gate was their last moments of freedom! So many of us take the freedom and rights we have for granted when realistically we have nothing to bitch or complain about. Even the problems we face in our world today our incomparable to do destruction that occured in the 1930s-1940s. Thank you to all those who protect our freedom, fight for those who are oppressed, and continue to make sacrifices so that we don’t ever have to face these hardships again.

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