Italy is a MUST when in Europe!

My time in Italy went extremely well. The fact that wine was cheaper than water made it a perfect place to hangout for a couple days! I flew into Pisa from Frankfurt to meet up with Mitch. When we met up we both came up with the realization that there wasn’t much to see in Pisa besides the tower! So we went and took a couple pictures with the tower, ate a pizza and drank a glass of wine. We then headed to the train station to see where we can head to the cheapest and fastest!

The only reasonable train ticket was to Florence (Firenza), we got a ticket for 5 euro and hopped on 10 mins later! When we arrived at our hostel in Florence we met some crazy Australian’s and instead of doing any site seeing, we just started pre gaming and went on a pub crawl! We got so damn wasted that night! When we arrived from the pub crawl we smoked some weed in our rooms and talked shit for a couple hours! We woke up the next morning and did it all over again! Safe to say that I have to go back to Florence because I didn’t see absolutely anything and everyone talks about how beautiful this city is. Oh well βœŒπŸ»πŸ€“, another reason tocome back and drink cheap wine! The following morning we caught a train to Rome! Rome was absolutely beautiful! We had a nice relaxing stay in Roma and didn’t party at all! First city we can say that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, we went to the Colosseum and seen a couple other ruins! We actually paid 70 euro to go on a guided tour through the colosseum, which was an absolute waste of money and time. We got to walk out onto the arena which was nice, but other than that we didn’t learn shit. Our tour guide spent more time talking about the Lady Gaga concert that was held in room and many other irrelevant topics. Most of our tour including us ditched the guide about half way in! That night we went to go see the Trevi fountain, Roman Forum, and the Altare della Patria! The next morning we walked around the Vatican and took a lot of pictures before heading to the airport to catch our flight to Bulgaria!

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