Romania πŸ‡·πŸ‡΄Β 

During my trip to Romania I visited 4 cities. My first stop was Cluj-Napoco. When we arrived to this city we had no idea what to expect. Turns out one of the biggest music festivals was being held here during this week, but all the tickets had already been sold out. Besides that music fesgival there is absolutely nothing else to do in this city! We made a walk back to the train station and booked a ticket heading to a city called Brasov, the only problem was that our train wouldn’t be leaving for another ten hours! With nothing else in mind we decided to open up our bottle of Tatratea that we bought in Slovakia and let the drinking begin! We killed one bottle by a fountain in the city center, then caught a cab to the mall where we purchased another bottle and continued to drink. During this process we met some good friends from Ukraine and Slovakia, which we plan to meet in a few weeks. After returning to the train station completely pissed, we were on our way to the city of Brasov. When we arrived to the city of Brasov at around 4 am, we decided to talk to a park where we slept on a bench until 10 am! Once we woke up we caught a 1 hour bus to the city of Bran, which is famous for the notorious Draculas castle! We spent a couple hours there wandering through the farmers market and visiting the castle! Though we were really disappointed to find out that the castle has been transformed into an antique furniture museum…. which is conplete shit! Lol After spending a night in this beautiful little town we hopped on yet another train and headed to the capital city of Bucharest! When we arrived to the Bucharest we took a cab to our hostel, which was located in the city center! The cab driver tried to get crazy with me because he tried to overcharge me for the ride, i got out the car and took my bag off and continue to cuss this 60 Lb. malnourished fuck off, he’s lucky I didn’t whoop his ass! I walked away paying him the 2 euro that my ride actually costed and not the 20! The nightlife in Bucharest is pretty fun, if you love brothells and erotic massage parlours this is the city for you! I didn’t visit any because I’m not really into paying for p**** lol but if that’s your thing, then this is the place for you! I went on a walking tour one of the days I was there and it was absolutely amazing! The city has so much to offer and I highly recommend doing the walking tour drunk πŸ˜‚, Mitch and I were the only two drunk fucks on the tour, but we also had the most fun! During our walking tour we met two sisters from The Netherlands πŸ‡³πŸ‡±, we ended up going out to dinner and tried the traditional Romanian dish of Mamalinka , which by the way taste like conplete shit! Afterwards we partied the night away and danced until 4 am, I had to leave because I had a flight at 6 am heading to Berlin!

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