Goodbye Crete, but where to next…..

Crete is a very beautiful island! Its the biggest of the Greek Islands and there is so much to do! Today is our last day here and its been pretty hectic. We were supposed to fly out to Croatia last night, but ended up missing our flight because we hung out at the beach to long drinking Vodka and tons of Greek beer. By the time we got back into the city we realized that making our flight was not going to happen. We went back to the hostel and paid for another night then hit the town with a bunch of friends we met there! The night was fun until we returned back to the hostel around 3am to find that the door was locked πŸ”’ with a sign that said it will open up again at 8am. So we walked around drinking more beer and Raki, while enjoying Gyros and other great greek cuisine! One of our other friends fell asleep in the middle of the town square randomly while we were smoking a cigarette, snoring and all! Lol Long story short we made it back to the hostel , grabbed our bags, and headed to the port to catch a ferry! Now we are back in Athens trying to get our lives together….. we thought we were heading to Bulgaria πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬ today, but turns out Mitch booked a ticket for next Sunday….Where’s mom when you need her?! Cheers πŸ»Β β€‹


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