Santorini was a dream come true πŸ‡¬πŸ‡·Β 

Last night we flew into Santorini from Athens. We got to Santorini at about midnight with no plan or nowhere to stay. Our idea was to crash at the airport until the morning instead of spending money on a room that we would only be spending about 6 hours in. When we arrived to the Santorini airport we realized that there was no way we would be able to stay there. The airport was tiny and literally as soon as we got off the plane we were out onto the street. Mitch and I decided to catch a taxi into Fira, which is where we had a hotel booked for the following night. We wandered around a bit and stumbled across a nice hotel that had a pool and a couple chairs around it. So what do we do…. we snuck in and made ourselves at home. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ We took our sleeping bags out and slept right along side the pool 🏊. Although it was rough we made it through the night and woke up around 6 am, in hopes that we wouldn’t get caught. We then headed to a small cafe where we had some local greek pastries and chocolate milk… I mean who doesn’t like chocolate milk! After breakfast we walked over to the hotel we had booked and there we met Helen! Helen is from the UK, about 20 years ago she came to Santorini on vacation and never left! She met her husband here and now both of them own this beautiful hotel. After hitting it off with her and talking about the Rugby game between the Lions and All Blacks, we asked if there was anyway we can check in before 12 because we had a rough night and really wanted to wash up. (About 8:00am at the time) She found us a room that was ready and off we went. She gave us a lot of great tips and highly recommended that we rent ATVs for the day to get us around the island! So that’s what we did! 15 minutes later there was two ATVs delivered to our hotel and they were only 20 euro for 24 hours! After getting our ATVs we drove to all the beautiful beaches that Santorini has to offer and all of the amazing tourist locations. We lapped the entire island in about 10 hours! Prior to getting here I was really looking forward to visiting Oia, but once we got there I was very disappointed! It is a very beautiful place, but extremely overrated! There are so many other places on the island that look exactly the same, but with not as many people and a million times cheaper! Seems like it is one of the only places tourist visit! Most people don’t leave that little town when visiting! So my favorite part of the island had to have been Red Beach, located on the Southern tip of the island, this beach was formed by a volcanic eruption and the water and views were amazing! I could live my whole life there perfectly fine! Driving around the coast of the whole island is a must! Please don’t visit Santorini and saty in one location! This island has so much to offer! The locals are extremely nice and most of them don’t speak a drop of english, but their hospitality and incredible smiles speaks more than words! Tonight we will be heading to a music festival on Perissa Beach, where we are hoping to meet some great people and see where our next journey takes us! I’ll end this post with this… Don’t come to this island and pay for a guided tour, they will rape you for about 100 euro and you won’t experience much at all! Get yourself an ATV or a scooter, a map of Santorini and go find all the hidden gems πŸ’Ž yourself! You won’t be disappointed!

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